Oversized T-Shirts Will Give You Instant Style Cred – Punk

by Mamta Bhatt on Jun 24, 2022

Oversized T-Shirts Will Give You Instant Style Cred – Punk

An oversize T-shirt is very wide and square, falls loosely making it a popular choice among men and women today. This baggy T-shirt is just a few sizes bigger than a normal T-shirt making it just right for the summer season as its made of light fabric, breathable and has become a rage among skaters, rappers and ballers. Oversized T-shirts are a style that picked up pace in recent years both for men and women and are also popularly known as drop shoulder T-shirts.

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Punk Oversized T-shirts are big, baggy and boxy so the cooling AIRism fabric doesn’t allow you to sweat in summers. Oversized T-shirts are the hottest trend right now and go hand in hand with the rise of hip hop fashion and at leisure .Punk has oversized T-shirt for both men and women. Women oversized T-shirts are chic and simple to style, can be teamed with skinny jeans or leggings as they look effortlessly easy and cool. These trendy T-shirts are available at Punk in plain, basic colors as well as in graphic and gothic prints to suit your style.

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Punk oversized T-shirts for women can be worn in many ways …. Loosely tucked in, made a crop top by tying a knot on one side or can just be worn loose by itself. These can be paired with leggings, high waisted skirts, dungarees and shorts. When worn appropriately these can make one look chic and fashionable.  Men oversized T-shirts can be worn in many ways too, one way is to layer a Punk oversized plain T-shirt with another T-shirt underneath and this can be worn with ripped jeans, ball cap or beanie and sneakers. A long sleeved striped shirt can be worn under an oversized T-shirt to give an edgy look .In winters, one can layer an oversized T-shirt or hoodie under a coat .

black oversized t-shirts for men

For a bold and trendy look , one can play with bold colors, graphic designs and gothic prints as street wear is becoming popular.These Punk T-shirts for men can be paired with pants, denims, joggers, shorts and sweatpants to suit your style .These can be used for working out and to lounge around as they are comfortable and versatile. These oversized T-shirts are a must have for every closet but whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and make sure it is PUNK.

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