Blend in camo!how to flaunt the military print?

by PUNK INDIA on Jun 16, 2020

Blend in camo!how to flaunt the military print? - Punk

Staying in trend is the constant connoisseur for every man now. The styles and trends have been evolving since decades and each one of you knows it out and about through several mediums. Each morning you wake up and scroll through your Instagram, there’s a new street style or airport look spotted of our favorite celebrities. From knowing all about the current trends through social media to getting inspiration from various mens fashion icons, following the trends and staying up to date is not that difficult.

We know you love camouflage, this trend is not dead yet. Taking over the wardrobe shelves of many fashion-forward people today, it has become a must-have. The camouflage fashion has gained its traction after the designers like Valentino and Givenchy rocked the ramps with their drool-worthy collection. Let’s make your task easier and simplify your hunt for snazzy camo splurge-worthy picks.

For a still and confident look, grab a stylish camo vest. It will give you a daring as well as an effortlessly cool look. Team your vest with smart denim shorts with flip-flops to achieve a cool beachwear look. For the rock concerts and club nights, layer it up with a jacket, jeans, and boots and see all eyes rolling over you. Considering you believe in comfortable and nifty dressing, the vest will make you fall in love with your style even on the days you are too lazy to dress up.

Military print in colors is spreading its horizon in the fashion world now. Tweak your bold and daring style with a tint of color in this orange camo t-shirt. Make it your everyday staple or shortlist it for your important dates and events, the t-shirt will hold your style together everywhere, all the time. Team it up with anything and see it slay your style. The t-shirt is comfortable as well as a stylish add-on to your wardrobe shelves.

Camo t-shirts are surely raiding the men’s fashion closets by the storm, but let’s now be too monotonous on style. Uplift your style and switch to a camouflage printed shirt for a badass casual style. Whether you team it with your distressed denim or wear it with plain black jeans, the print will prove its versatility no matter what. You can layer the shirt over a white tee and jeans for a smart-savvy style or go tucking it in with a cool belt and boots for a dapper look.

Pulling off this trend is a bit tricky but surely not a tacky one. The print is bold and gives you a boost of confidence when you slip it on you. A quick advice, try to pull off this trend with sleek neutrals to highlight the print and patterns. Don’t forget to dig into some accessories to accentuate your looks. Keep your bets on the rustic wristbands, textured belts, structured shades and a nice pair of shoes for an effortless daring look staying right on trend.