Plaid shirts- s versatile summer staple

by PUNK INDIA on Jun 16, 2020

Plaid shirts- s versatile summer staple - Punk

There’s no denying the fact that checkered shirts have gained a lot of popularity for a while now. Plaids and checks are getting a lot of cool guy’s attention and are shaping up to be the dominant print of the season. Plaid shirts for men are a must-have for a stylish summer look to make your wardrobes run a mile. From celebrities and rock stars to entrepreneurs and the college-going crowd, the checkered shirt is donned by almost everyone. Be it a hip-hop look, a smart casual look or a relaxed dapper look you want to achieve, the shirt will render you with its versatile functionality every time you step out of your house. Punk is a one-stop destination for all your street calling looks to fall straight on your closet shelves this summer. You can find an ultimate range of plaid and checked shirts on site. Let’s not go any deeper for the intro, dive in and know more about the plaid play this season.A red and black plaid shirt is a classic. A wardrobe staple that can spruce up your wardrobe style instantly is a must grab. Wearing this t-shirt to almost anywhere will lend you a fair play. Catch on the trends or stay classic, the choice is yours. You can wear the shirt with your regular denim jeans and also carry it to the beach with black shorts and flip-flops.

Apart from this basic styling routine, you can move out of the monotony and style it in some pretty irregular ways:

  • Layer it up– A solid t-shirt covered up with this shirt traded with distressed denim jeans will look its perfect best when you are craving for all that attention on the streets. Though layering up might sound counter-intuitive for summers, this shift in styling will help you keep yourself covered and away from the harmful UV rays. Go for sneakers for a smart- casual look; opt for boots for a bold and rakish look.
  • Wrap it around your waist– Slip in any t-shirt with jeans and wrap the shirt around your waist, sounds cool right? Make it a stylish weekender with friends or go hopping in the club with this style steal. Add some accessories to your looks and complete the look with a favorite pair of shoes.
  • Mate with a Blazer– if you want to attain a cruise- crushing look, then layer up a blazer with the shirt. Smart denim jeans and a pair of casual shoes will fall perfectly for the complete ensemble. Well, this look can be carried to the conference meetings and official parties. Get a sharp and sleek look with this style update. Remember to make sure the venue is air-conditioned and packed; you obviously don’t want to roast in the summer heat.

One shirt and so many options to play with! Isn’t it all you want for the season? Now, splurge on some versatile and functional picks like these to spend your summers in poise and style.  Visit our site here: for more options.