Evolution of the Goth Fashion

by MeroxIO IT Solutions Collaborator on Jun 16, 2020

Evolution of the Goth Fashion - Punk

Gothic fashion dates back to the late 70’s and early 80’s. It is one of the most hyped fashion trends of all times. Gothic clothing trends went through levels and layers of transformation throughout history till contemporary times. It was an amalgamation of various fashion trends, but, originally goth fashion was a subset of punk. Those deep dark kohl eyes with darker shades of lip colours and gravity-defying styles we see from time to time around the corner are just variations of this trend which is almost forty years old. Just like all the fashion trends have evolved with goth clothing and goth fashion have changed too. Here are some goth fashion trends that we have seen over the years:

The Original Goth

By the late 70s and early 80s, the look of goth fashion ranged from huge backcombed hair and dark clothes along with coats and overcoats in the guys’ fashion and fishnet stockings and skirts for the girls’ fashion.

The Romantics

Romantic goths took the deep concepts of goth culture, like roaming around in graveyards, collecting dead flowers and reading gothic architecture and history. But, they wore flowing black clothes, gothic jewellery and inclined classic goth-rock

The Cybergoths

This goth look was taken from the bright colours of rave kids with industrial-inspired accessories to replace the hair extensions such as over-the-top protective goggles, heavy boots, and black clothing.

The Nu Goths

Inspired by punk rock and metal, an interest in the occult, tattoos, this new fashion wave in the trend of goth fashion wanted a stylish daily style that didn’t need hours of backcombing and stretching on corset strings.

The Health Goths

Inspired by The Matrix and Blade Runner, this was originally a Facebook meme. This trend is a fresh 21st century one with inspirations from the sterile environments, biomechanics, trans-humanism.


With the evolution of goth fashion, it has managed to become a lifestyle for many. While walking down the street wearing your everyday clothes, you can never miss a goth, because of their striking appearance. But, it is important to know the basics of a fashion trend before adopting it. What may be just mere black clothes and makeup to you might mean a lifestyle to many. When you follow a trend, make sure to start from the basics and eventually rising above while climbing the ladder of the punk fashion game. And for everything else, the pioneer punk fashion brand in India for black t shirts mens for all the know-how.