10 Ways To Go Funky This Season!

by PUNK INDIA on Jun 16, 2020

10 Ways To Go Funky This Season! - Punk

When we think about men’s casual fashion, we cannot somehow think beyond those regular jeans and basic t shirts. But, with the evolvement of fashion, even men’s fashion has evolved, and thus there are so many ways in which men can look suave and stylish. There are not many blogs or articles mentioning men’s latest fashion compared to women’s fashion. While talking about men fashion, one of the coolest casual fashion is the funky look. With the funky full sleeve t shirts for men or the casual t shirts, men can rock the all funky look with style. Here are some other ways to go funky this season:

Sweatpants / Joggers

Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and fabric, Sweatpants or Joggers are meant for much more than relaxing at home. You can wear them with printed or message casual t shirts to give a relaxed look.

Coloured Pants

Coloured pants or chinos or coloured trousers are available in the most vibrant and mildest colours. It instantly transforms a person’s look into a stylish appearance.

Beach Look

The beach look comprises of short pants and simple t shirts. But, with the upcoming options of distressed shorts and solid colour shorts, one can have a different approach to the traditional beach look by pairing it with psychedelic printed casual tshirt to give a cool look.

No Show Socks

Go…. no show socks while wearing the casual shoes like moccasins or the loafers, or even the formal shoes for that matter, if you want to twist your old normal look and give it a touch of funk.

Relaxed Summer Look

To get an extremely relaxed look one can wear a pair of summer shorts with a rock band or printed casual t shirt that can make you steal the thunder with the perfect summer relaxed look.


The polo t shirts with Derbys is a favourite of men’s fashion that has managed to remain a classic forever. You can, however, twist it with a vest and a pair of short to give it a funk look.


Pair your faded jeans with a casual t shirt and pair it with an open checked shirt on the top to look timeless and classic. It is best for lunch dates and light-hearted evenings.


An accessory that validates your boyish charm, a satchel is a style statement that matches with every outfit and looks.

With so many ideas to steal the glam for men, one can never run out of ways to show up underdressed. Punk has a huge collection of casual t shirts and full sleeve t shirts for men which can make you stand out in the crowd. Be it a party, a date or a get-together, the collection of Punk can make you the limelight stealer on any occasion.