The Classic Look Of Different Graphic T-shirt: What Is Your Type?

by PUNK INDIA on Apr 10, 2019

The Classic Look Of Different Graphic T-shirt: What Is Your Type? - Punk

No street style or high street fashion is complete without a t-shirt. One of the most commonly found clothing in a person’s wardrobe is a t-shirt. Summer and t-shirts go a long way back together because of the comfort and style that it provides. With the evolution of high street fashion, graphic t-shirts with different variations like black full sleeve t-shirt with bold slogans, retro t-shirts, satirical and motifs along with several other types have shown up. To get started with the entire understanding of different types of graphic t-shirts, here is a short list.\

Logo T-shirt
The logo t-shirts are straight from the nineties. The big and bold brand logos in the center of the t-shirt reminds us of the good old days and are recently adopted by the high street fashion brands. You can wear plain and boyfriend jeans to rock the nineties high street look.


Bootleg T-shirt
Iconic satirical t-shirts straight from the nineties are back. With bold slogans taking on contemporary political or societal scenarios to the popular dialogues or one-liners from famous songs and movies are taking on the fashion brands across the globe.

Band T-shirt
The 70s iconic t-shirts with the names of the bands along with lyrics of the most famous songs and OSTs are an all-time favorite of people who love t-shirts. Now, instead of Nirvana and Metallica, t-shirt lovers’ favorites are Kanye, Drake, Justin Bieber, etc.

Busy Printed T-shirt
Small prints all over t-shirts have been quite popular for a long time. They are easy to pair with solid shirts, and solid lowers. The subtle colors can also be considered as workwear. They are one of the best kinds because along with suiting every occasion, they are also everyday wear.

Wearing t-shirts do not need any specific season. It comes in a wide variety of fabric and can be paired with a wide range of jeans, shorts, or lowers. The look that can be achieved with t-shirts are endless and with the possibilities come great style statement and chic outlook. Punk has a wide range of graphic t-shirts online in India, that can boost up your look in any occasion in any season. With t-shirts, it is easier to keep the look plain and simple. However, if you want to spice the same look, you can also make a fashion statement with the right accessories, and paired-up lowers.