Beat The Heat This Summer With Goth Look

by PUNK INDIA on Apr 05, 2019

Beat The Heat This Summer With Goth Look - Punk
For most people, summer is all about bright colors along with their shorts and swimsuits that reminds them of all the good things like beaches and mountains. But how about not changing the kind of clothes that you like along with the season and in fact, rock it with a different twist even when it’s scorching summer. If you are a goth fashion lover, and you do not want to run around on the beach in bright colored clothes, you will need a little bit of planning to rock the summer look in a gothic way. Here are some of the ways you can carry out your summer outlook in your usual black t-shirt with a different angle:


The Gothic Makeup
Since summertime means sweat and more time around the pools, lakes or seaside, you need to wear accurate makeup along with keeping a few things in mind. Waterproof makeup is undoubtedly important, and by waterproof makeup, one should not forget the importance of mascara and eyeliner that will not go away when you are sweating buckets or even soaking the sun near the sea.



The Essentials
While carrying a gothic look, you should also keep in mind the kind of weather that is going on outside. For a hot summer day, one of the most essential thing you can have is a sunblock or an SPF lotion that will give you a matte finish along with keeping your makeup intact. Along with sunblock one should always get lip balm, face wash and a pair of sunglasses to keep the skin and eyes protected from the harsh sun.

Gothic Swimwear
What is summer wardrobe without a swimsuit? Summer is the perfect time for all kinds of swimsuits to run around the beach and get yourself the perfect tan. To carry a goth look even to the poolside or to the seaside, you can get a plain black one-piece swimsuit or buy sleeveless black t-shirts online with skulls, dragons, pentagrams or bold statements.

Accessorize The Right Way
You can always carry a gothic look with velvet chokers, thick leather cuffs or bracelets to give it the perfect accessorized look. Even if you are wearing a plain black t-shirt, the right accessories can be the perfect match for every outlook.

Thus, summer does not have to be the hibernation for Gothic fashion lovers. The right kind of clothes along with the right kind of accessories can be the ultimate mantra to carry out any outfit to match any weather. Punk believes that every fashion can be matched with every kind of weather or season with the correct knowledge and a sense of style. Thus, if you are a lover of black t-shirts, you can flaunt it even if it’s summer with the right pairing.