The Anatomy Of A Great T shirt!

by PUNK INDIA on Mar 28, 2019

The Anatomy Of A Great T shirt! - Punk

A t-shirt is arguably one of the most used items of clothing in anyone’s wardrobe. It is something which is effortless and easy and can work with almost every look one can think of. However, even something as easy and versatile as a t-shirt can go horribly wrong. Buying a t-shirt is easy and is no brain surgery, but there are still certain things which you can keep an eye out for to get the best looking t-shirt out there. We have your back and have listed out certain means to get you closer to a t-shirt which truly suits you the best.

Fit: The fit of the t-shirt is one of the most mandatory things to keep in mind. If you buy a great t-shirt which is pretty expensive, but it doesn’t have the right fit, it will take away from the overall look. So don’t be wary of trying several t-shirts on before you find the right fit for your body. And once you see the right fit, there is no looking back.


Colour: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you choose a t-shirt? The color, of course. The color that we choose transcends on the mood of the day, so the color of the t-shirt plays a vital role in your mood for the day. Not every day is the same, and nor is every color. So have fun picking from all the colors of the rainbow!


Print: While some prefer to go for no print on their t-shirt, others like to go all out and wear their opinions loud and proud on their t-shirts. Each to its own, and luckily, there is no shortage of words and expressions to put on your t-shirt. Do hold back on that self-expression. Wear your words with pride and style, and stand out in a crowd.


Design: Not all t-shirts are made the same way. Some come with a round neck, while others come in a preppy polo neck or a Chinese collar. Also, there is the three button design, while others may come with a pocket. The options are endless and inexhaustible, and there is undoubtedly that design which will appeal to you the most. So go through different options and find the option which best suits you.

If all of the components are taken care of, there is a fair chance that you will end up with a t-shirt which does justice to your body and helps you express yourself in the best possible way. Clothes serve more purpose than just to cover your body. It is a weapon of self-expression and portrays what a person wants to represent. This means you get to be whatever it is that you want to be. Find the best funky t-shirt to rock the punk vibe, or wear a psychedelic t-shirt and let your free-spirit soar. There are various options to choose from, and one can let their imagination take over. Whatever be your choice, here is to selecting only the best t-shirts from here on!