Five types of T-shirts that every man must own

by PUNK INDIA on Jun 16, 2020

Fashion for most men means a comfortable breezy T-shirt. And they spend most of their day in a T-shirt. It is their favorite piece of clothing to throw on before they leave the house or sleep in or even eat in. And we all have to agree, T-shirts really are the most comfortable piece of clothing we own. But how do we know if we are buying the right kind of T-shirt? Well, worry not; we are here to help you.

Here are five kinds of T-shirts for Men that your wardrobe desperately need

1. The funky t-shirt

A funky T-shirt is definitely going to bring a change in your look. And you’re not going to get very far in the same old black T-shirt every day, right? But black is not always boring and this black T-shirt here proves it. The funky graphics and the bright colors along with the cotton material make it ideal for the scorching summer!

2. Prints and patterns

Another way to up your style game is by wearing unique prints and patterns. Prints and patterns used to be more feminine than masculine earlier but not anymore! With people becoming more experimental, men’s fashion has evolved over the years and plain t-shirts have been replaced by prints and patterns. And while the world is wearing floral and monochrome, you should go for this fish print and make a statement. Be the change with the most unique prints from Punk.

3. Back to basics

Thinking of black, grey or blue when you hear basics? Basics are essential for anybody’s wardrobe but they don’t always have to be monotonous. Vibrant colors and unique designs are going to make your basics ‘not-very-basic’. These will definitely become the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe and will help you create so many different looks.

4. Deal in details

Do you have a body you like to show off? Looking for something that will flatter your body and also looks super stylish at the same time? Basics with little details are definite to add edge to your look. This bright red T-shirt with button details will be your best friend sooner than you know it.

5. The text-tees

Text tees have been around for the longest time. They have become a wardrobe staple for most men. And they have always been a trendsetter. From classic quotes to clever jokes, there is a text tee for everything. And no matter what your style is, text tees will always make you look your best. These five T-shirts are an absolute essential for every man’s wardrobe. And what’s better than finding all of the above at the same place just by a single tap on your mobile screen. Shop Punk’s amazing men’s wear online now!