Sailing with PUNK

by PUNK INDIA on Jun 16, 2020

Sailing with PUNK - Punk

Punk is a classic trend that has been followed by millions. It is not just a trend but a lifestyle that people follow. PUNK has launched its new collection of long length and relaxed fit t-shirts which is one of the growing trends this season and is spreading like wildfire in the market.



The basic colors with slogans and the patterns provide an exceptional assortment for any occasion. PUNK stands out with its unique creative color combinations and the determination to establish its motto behind every collection.

The new collection of stylish t shirts for men can be easily paired with ripped and stressed denims of shades of blue or black. Any ankle length boots can be paired with the outfit carrying the long length t-shirt.

We all have fashion dilemmas and Punk Clothing has every solution to our fashion quandaries. With a wide range to choose from, one can splurge onto the sassy collection. Our long T-shirts are unknowingly one of this season’s biggest trends. One can even style it with tapered denim pants to give a rugged look. We’ve got a selection of varied styles that you can get yourself into. Team it up with chinos or trousers for the classic American look of the 90’s.

Our collection has a psychedelic vibe within, that will definitely inject a quirky and fun connect to your wardrobe.
We got your back, and henceforth we have listed a few sample t-shirts that you can slay in


Whether it’s on-duty or off-duty, you can totally find the perfect tee accordingly. The summer has already kicked in and the best way to beat this scorching heat is to find a good and a cool t-shirt to invest in while not forgetting to look dapper good!

Comfort is every man’s requirement. The styles that Punk is offering are somewhat for the men who are willing to experiment with different trends this season. These fashion principles may have changed with time (now n then) but one thing remains constant, is serenity!

We say, let the haters hate and if you like it, wear it with no regrets! After all, there are already plenty of (stylish) tees for you to choose from! Say it, well-fitted and you can easily carry it off while being all relaxed because that is the new comfy-chic!!

Dressing always according to the occasion is quite mainstream! So, what are you waiting for? Splurge onto the latest trends and go all punk while jumping out of the cliché stereotypes. Shop the latest collection now!