by PUNK INDIA on Jun 16, 2020


Casual clothing is the most talked about fashion style since a long time. We all love wearing casual shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirt. Right? A casual wear embodies a sense of chic street style fashion and translates style to comfort. Less on the lavish expensive styles and more on the smart savvy affordable basics, casual clothing is best to suit men who look to strut all day long and night.

Specific to this season when the cold air hits the face right up, layering up the basics is the lead core of dressing up. A smart trendy T shirt under a casual denim jacket can add refinement to your looks enhancing the most regular of the outfits you slip into. The casual clothes for men are such that they compliment you in all seasons thus keeping you all relaxed and in ease.

Do you want to know how to get a smart casual look? Keep scrolling as we have listed out some outlandish casual styles for you which you can flaunt in any season. Buy casual clothes on Punk for a fashion forward look.


A basic round neck T shirt for Men is a must have for you to bring an urbane look to your personality. This T shirt is a boundary blurring basic that will keep your looks stand out really well. The camouflage prints can practically go with anything be it the classic blue denim or the summer chino pants. The rakish look it delivers is something you will always look forward to. Trade it with under toned jackets and blazers to offer a contrast to this camouflage print. The cannabis is surely going to set you as well as your standards high so get going and buy funky clothes by Punk.



The plaid fashion has taken a comeback and is followed by both men and women vigorously. As bold as it looks, this Irish pattern is a convenient pick when hustling to decide what to wear. This all time savior print can get along well with all your trousers and jeans or even chino pants. Layer it up with a slim fit black coat and a black trouser and you are all set to roll. This shirt will snug your body right without being too slouchy and will keep you in ease all day long. Perfect to wear it for day-outs with folks or even date nights to your favorite lounge, this shirt is an utter attraction to slay in style.


Tailored to impress this cut and sew sweatshirts for men can add a lot of swag to your looks when going to brunch or catching up for an evening tea. The well defined rough finish to the sweatshirt makes it a rakish piece that is trendy as well as looks attractively good to keep you warm yet snazzy in the chilling days of winter. This sweatshirt is an ideal add on to your wardrobe. Pair it with your regular fit denim and your favourite sneakers to walk the streets in poise and get them envy you.