Punk Goth Fashion And Alternative Clothing

by PUNK INDIA on Sep 15, 2020

Punk Goth Fashion And Alternative Clothing - Punk

The GOTH Subculture began in the early 69’s and late 70’s by the people who wanted to have an identity separate from what had been imposed on them in terms of music and looks, rooted in the attitude of “Break the Mold .“

Gothic Style

Gothic style clothing is a style marked by dark and mysterious features and there are a number of variations and interpretations of the Goth look but the following items are generally accepted as integral to the look;

Blue Black hair color
Dark cosmetics
Corsets for women
Dark leather
Oxidized silver jewellery
Occult/Pagan religious themes

Gothic wear fashion features dark clothes incorporating Punk rock clothing with rivets, studs, safety pins, collars and chains .Goth embraces music and clothing inspired by horror films and contains elements of dark romance ,death, horror and fantasy.  All these are a part of the Punk culture and fashion. Gothic fashion is inspired by the cult of mourning during the Victorian Era, it entails all black all the time. The trend was very much DIY keeping with the PUNK attitude of the times.

Gothic Wear

The fashion has continued to develop over the years into a much more off-the-shelf style and has evolved into newer forms such as cyber Goth and cyberpunk .Notably for some years PVC skirts, tops, corsets and collars were popular styles of clothing for Goths of both genders. Links with Punk and Rock culture can be seen by the consistent display of facial piercing, tattoos and dyed hair by the Goths. One of the most popular types of clothing has been black or dark coloured T-shirts displaying band logos.

Goth Fashion

Gothic fashion for both men and women is available on Punk at affordable prices.The hottest collection for men includes shirts, black T-shirts and hoodies.The Gothic T-shirts are either black or in dark colors which are unique and versatile and have graphic designs of skulls and bones to enhance the Gothic look.

Punk also has Gothic outfits for women and one can choose from a wide variety of Gothic dresses, shrugs and black T-shirts .These are very Gothic as they have skulls, bones, wings and other scary appearances printed on them .The Gothic tops are available in black with lace and net and can be accessorized with skull and cross jewellery often worn by the Goth people. Black leather belts, wrist bands, silver studs and footwear are frequently worn by women and are available on Punk.

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